Hijab Accessories 101


Taken the leap of faith into the world of hijab? Congratulations! Here is an introduction to your hijab’s best friend: hijab accessories! By Shea Rasol.

Hijab Accessories 101_Aquila Style

The Pin

Henri Bendel Bond St. Stick Pin | $78 | henribendel.com
Sonia Rykiel Smoked Crystal Brooch | $83 | forzieri.com
Lanvin Carnation Lapel Pin | $185 | barneys.com

Pins are the most commonly used item to keep hijabs in place over the world. It is very similar to a seamstress’ pin, which is usually a pointed metal stick with a rounded head on the other end. Most hijabis find pins to be the easiest and quickest way to keep their hijab in place.

The Brooch

Enamel Butterfly Brooch | $24 | oliverbonas.com
Lanvin embellished heart brooch | $650 | farfetch.com
Great Brooch | 1stdibs.com

An advanced version of the pin is the brooch. Brooches are usually safer and fasten your hijab very securely throughout the day, allowing the hijab wearer to feel freer. Commonly placed on the shoulder or head bun, the brooch pins down the hijab together with the clothing or head bonnet. They come in various designs too!

The Headchain

Miss Selfridge Pearl And Tassel Head Chain | $23 | missselfridge.com
River Island Simple Skull Crown Head Band | $14 | asos.com
Made Cord And Chain Knot Head Band | $59 | asos.com

Adapted from a headchain made for hair, headchains are also suitable to hijab wearers too. We say, that’s awesome news! Simply get yourself a normal headchain available in any women’s accessories store and place it on your head halfway when wrapping your hijab.  Finish wrapping your hijab, and you’ll look ravishing for that party or event you’re off to!

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