Comic Strip Fashion Inspiration


Crash! Boom! Ka pow! Transcend a pop art trend into geek-chic fashion. Farrah Eman shows you how.

Comic Print Fashion Inspiration

What better way to dress up in a funky and eye-catching way than by infusing a playful twist of colourful comic strip-inspired fabric into your style?

Whether you want to stand out from the crowd or just want to bring smiles to those that pass you by, here are some ensembles to kickstart this fashion inspiration!

For casualwear:


These bold and vibrant colours bring a splash of fun to your weekends and dates with friends!

For smart casual officewear:


Introduce comic strip fashion into your officewear subtly by layering with jacket, coordinating with neutral and solid-coloured fashion items and keeping your accessories simple and sharp.

Enjoy and view more fashion tips and trends by Farrah Eman

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